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  • Moments of Memory

    Moments of Memory

    for orchestra with chorus – ca. 6 min. (en.) The orchestral work „moments of memory“, inspired by the pieces „Last Post“ and „Auld Lang Syne,“ is an emotional and powerful composition that takes the listener on a journey through the past. The sounds of the trumpet in „Last Post“ create a mood of dignity and…

  • Prelude


    for keyboard instruments – ca. 2:30 min. (en.) The musical piece „Prelude“ is a reinterpretation of Bach’s first Prelude in C from the Well-Tempered Clavier. This new version is a true delight for all music lovers who appreciate the beauty and elegance of classical music and are not averse to modern sounds. (de.) Das Musikstück…

  • Coronation


    production music (en.) „Coronation“ is an impressive production music piece designed specifically for filmmakers. With a majestic and powerful sound, this music is the perfect choice for epic scenes that demand a strong musical accompaniment. The combination of orchestral instruments and modern sound effects creates a unique and unforgettable atmosphere that captivates the audience. Whether…